Hi, soon this pool will have Sso enabled, single sign on, one account logs into all pools, please register a new account on one of the other pools with Sso enabled, in preparation for when its enabled in this pool, when Sso is enabled you will need to re-add worker/pass & payment address, all current workers will become invalid & your miner will not connect. The new account details can be exactly the same as your existing account. Thanks
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1000000 70015 159900 6 OK 216384
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Host Identity Connected Traffic BitcoinMoneyCore:1.0.0 03/23/2021 16:23:24 3.943 MB BitcoinMoneyCore:1.0.0 03/23/2021 16:23:41 3.860 MB BitcoinMoneyCore:1.0.0 03/25/2021 13:41:52 2.589 MB BitcoinMoneyCore:1.0.0 03/25/2021 13:43:42 4.041 MB BitcoinMoneyCore:1.0.0 04/04/2021 00:39:17 1.731 MB 04/11/2021 01:38:56 0.000 MB